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Pouya Saadeghi
Designer / developer - is a free resume builder. It provides your online profile with multiple PDF outputs. You can easily make a resume (in 160 seconds!) choose a well-designed template for your resume, print it, download the PDF or just share your online profile link with anyone. How to make your resume is more impressive? Your portfolio is the most exciting thing for everyone. also hosts your portfolio. Simply drop all your images on the project, add some details and you'll have your portfolio in minutes. Atbox has 73+ resume templates. Perfect-designed with perfect typography, compatible with both LTR and RTL languages. Best features about Atbox: ● Build a professional resume quickly for FREE. ● Share your resume with anyone or keep it private. ● Print your resume or download the PDF. ● Quickly edit your resume or change the templates. ● You can simply import your resume form Linkedin. ● Provide enough data and you'll be the first search result on Google, soon. ● Start your portfolio, add all your projects to your resume. ● Group projects, because together is better. ● Add a page for your company and keep in touch with experts ● Add job opportunities to Atbox job boards for free ● Easily manage applied resumes for your company