A web-based word processor as beautiful as Medium

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By the way, we didn’t write the tagline for this post. Medium’s great, but “is this as beautiful as Medium?” isn’t the question we had in mind when we built Atavist.
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@thomasrhiel Haha yeah I was wondering about that... not a great way to position a product. Maybe y'all can get it fixed? cc @rrhoover @eriktorenberg
Not as beautiful as Medium. The interface is way less intuitive/fluid/elegant, though it is in some ways more powerful. You can add more effects (like parallax) so the idea of "Snowfall in the cloud" is more realized here. The most interesting part of this is the "sell your work" component. Unlike Medium, which does have some distribution benefits that Atavist doesn't, Atavist is intended to help self-publishers make actual money. But despite the claim in the tagline here, it's simply not as pretty OR easy to use.
Hi! I’m on the small team that made Atavist. If you haven’t already, you should go to and play around with it. Once there, check out title designs (layouts we’ve made for your project’s title) and blocks (images, video, embeds, interactive charts, etc. you can add to your project). Both of these were made with version 0.8 of Polymer, Google’s library built around the emerging web components spec. Working with Polymer and the Polymer team has been great. We hope to say more soon about why we chose Polymer and how exactly we’re using it. Have fun exploring the new Atavist. (And if you’ve got any requests for new blocks, let us know!)
@ThomasRhiel - really love the mobile preview y'all built when choosing a project title design.
@ThomasRhiel @noahchestnut that sounds great, always worried about how my planned wordbreaks are going to look on mobile when publishing on Medium.
There's also the relatively simpler for the more novice users.