Visual bookmarks synced to any device

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Thanks a lot to Chris for hunting us! Hey, everybody. We are glad to present you Web-service of visual bookmarks Our mission is to reliably keep your favourite pages in cloud and give access to them from any browser and any device. We would really appreciate your feedback! Don't hesitate to ask questions.
@korzhovatw Looks pretty cool. Looks a heck of a lot like the Opera startpage, but with all the added improvements of course. I've been using Raindrop for a while now and just got the pro for the new 4.0, but I'll give this a shot too.
@anodigital Brian, thank you for giving a try to our service. We do all best to improve By the way, we have special extension to Opera, that simplify using: We hope, you will find usefull functions for yourself and stay with us.
@korzhovatw hello, it doesn't import opera speed dial urls, i got some 75 speed dials!
@annonymous Hello, it should import Opera links. Bookmarks can be in different groups, search for it or try to import once again. Thank you for feedback.
@korzhovatw nope speed dial links won't show in bookmarks !! Can you check that!
Really nice wizard onboarding - really, but I'm wondering, what's the advantage here over @Pocket? @chrismessina @vokusrok @korzhovatw
@elizabethhunker Elizabeth, it is a pleasure for us to receive your comment, thank you. As i know, pocket save full pages for deferred reading and save links, so can work faster. It also sync bookmarks with any browser (Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, Safari) and any device (Pc, tablets, smartphones). For me, as i am a girl, themes for browser's design also play important role. There are a lot of beautiful pictures to make startpage looks great: Check, may be you will like it too!
Pretty cool product. really clean and simple to navigate. I use FVD because I can customize the tiles. It may sound strange, but that is an important feature to me so I'll be sticking with FVD, but definitely keep an eye on Atavi.