Atari Box

Atari's new mysterious gaming console (?)

#5 Product of the DayJune 12, 2017

Atari displayed its long-awaited and freshly branded retro console at GDC 2018.

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This mysterious teaser video just dropped at E3. I'm very curious to see what they're building but rumors are it's a new console. Other ideas!?
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@rrhoover maybe new retro console? 😁
@rrhoover that would be super weird and perhaps excellent. I would be excited.
@rrhoover Kinda doubt this is the same thing, but I got a pitch over the weekend about the Atari and Sega Flashback systems that are basically like the NES Classic (built in emulator)
@rrhoover I hope it's not going to be made of PLASTIC.
@elliot_s_volkman @rrhoover I suspect this is very similar to a NES Classic with all of Atari's greatest hits built-in.
When was the last time Atari released anything?
@gabriel__lewis Last year? They still publish games.
Could this be why the new blade runner has the Atari logo in the trailer? (Year 2049)
and its name "Bankruptcy"
All I want is a re-release of the E.T. game.