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Hi Hunters! I’ve spend the last few months working on this. At Nomads is a collection of interviews, tools and tips for the Digital Nomad community. Whether you are an aspiring or seasoned Nomad there should be some helpful stuff! This is a ongoing list that I will be updating daily, so if you have any content you think should be in here just let me know! Always interested in feedback, questions or suggestions :) Happy hunting!
@gordonleslieme great idea and cool photos! BTW it seems that there are 2 formats of the picture depending on 2 or 3 columns row, and logo maybe be cut... Maybe the site should take photo/logo in 2 versions or add some smart padding/resizing?
@flystein thanks so much! Great feedback, I will look into fixing this.
@gordonleslieme the site doesn't load at all if someone is using the Ghostery browser extension. More specifically the Pressly integration.
@sixside hey Jason, thanks for bringing this to my attention I will look into this today. Thank you
Really enjoying reading through this - thanks Gordon!
@marty Thanks a lot Marty! I'm glad you enjoy it!