Wireless 3D Printing System on Kickstarter

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Jason EvanishHunter@evanish · CEO for managers
@ReubenMetcalfe Honestly, the quality of prints is still pretty low and depending on the printer, build size is small too. I think we're still in niche mode, but things like AstroPrint help you escape the hardcore hobbyist niche and get into some more casual, yet still experimental users who can help invent the use cases more interest to general consumers.
Jason EvanishHunter@evanish · CEO for managers
These guys pivoted from being a marketplace for designs to this print system solving a big problem in the market. Assuming your printer isn't broken due to poor design or manufacturing, then the print process is one of the most annoying parts of a 3D Printer as it is tedious and time consuming. Astroprint seems like it can help with that and they're doing well on Kickstarter so far.
Reuben Metcalfe@reubenmetcalfe · Growth geek, Serial upstart.
Looks like a solid supply-chain play... 3D printing engagement barrier just keeps getting lower, both on production and consumption.... though it's the latter that's going to move the industry forward. Anyone seen any interesting consumer/distribution models for 3D printed products?
Reuben Metcalfe@reubenmetcalfe · Growth geek, Serial upstart.
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