Astropad for iPad Pro

The power of the Mac with the precision of Apple Pencil

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Hi Product Hunt! We really excited to release our official support for iPad Pro today. iPad Pro with Astropad is a serious alternative to expensive pen displays like the Wacom Cintiq, even major Hollywood animation studios are now considering Astropad. Here are some of the things we’ve done to make Astropad on iPad Pro the best experience yet: What's New • First class support for both the iPad Pro screen size and the Apple Pencil • Advanced stroke tuning to remove stray points and provide beautiful strokes with Apple Pencil • Support for tilt on the Apple Pencil, we feed the angle of the Pencil into your Mac for more accurate brush simulation • We’ve built a custom pressure curve specifically for Apple Pencil that feels great • We’ve further reduced latency, especially for Macs that have dual graphics cards • Image quality is improved, so the image on your iPad Pro is crisper PS: Make sure to check out our video! The drawing stand we are using is the ParcSlope from Twelve South:
It's times like this where I wish the App Store offered trial versions! Looks like a great use for the Pencil.
@nicolaslloyd Our iPhone app is free, so you can try our tech there first if you dont trust all those 5 stars reviews
This is an amazing app. I guess that every Designer would love to get their hands on this thing! Fantastic work, @mronge
@andrealbuq94 Thank you for the kind words!
I love this app, and I love the Apple Pencil support. You guys rock. Has anyone ever thought about setting groups? I'd love to have Photoshop settings *and* Sketch settings, and toggle between them.
@arlo it is a popular request and it will come in 2016 for sure!
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