Transform your iPad into a professional graphics tablet

Astropad will be your graphic design tablet for your Mac! Draw directly, with no compression, in Photoshop from your iPad. This tool allows you to connect your Mac and your iPad together to create the perfect working space! No lagging, only high-quality clear images!

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I'd like to know what took so long? There's almost no-lag during interactions between devices which is awesome. Incredibly engineered, well designed and hits the nail in the coffin.
I'm one of the creators of Astropad and I'm happy to answer questions! We've been working on this for 1.5 years and we are so excited to share it with the world!
So if I have a Mac and an iPad, I now have a Cintiq? If so, that's amazing! @mronge Do you support pressure sensitivity, angling then pen, etc?
@mronge Another thought: I'd love to leave my Mac laptop on in my backpack, and sketch on my phone during my commute. Any plans to support iOS? (over USB, or even BLE?)
@staringispolite Yes! One of our beta testers did just that, she used it when commuting:
@mronge Awesome! She used her iPad though; I want to use my iPhone6 :)
@mronge @staringispolite iPhone support is coming!
This is incredible. It would be a challenge on its own to build this app with a wired connection—but you guys pulled it off over wifi. It's essentially a wireless display! Hats off.
As a long time Wacom user, I've been dying to check this out. Can't wait to try it today.
Looks very cool: evidently turns your iPad in a pseudo-Wacom tablet. Stylus support for Adonit, Pencil, etc sounds great!
@joshpuetz Even better: a pseudo-Cintiq! Really hope they support all the angling and pressure-sensitivity signals from the pens. It's not clear from the site atm
@joshpuetz @staringispolite We support pressure sensitivity. None of the pens support tilt yet, but we will when they do!
@joshpuetz @mronge Do you mean they don't support tilt in 3rd party apps? Unless they've removed this, Wacom has had tilt support for years
@joshpuetz @staringispolite Sorry I didn't explain that very well. For our app you need one of the iPad specific styluses, and none of them support tilt yet (they do have pressure though!). We know of atleast one company that is working on adding tilt though
@joshpuetz @mronge Oh I see! Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification. It seems like once tilt-support pens come out, "near-Cintiq" functionality will essentially be 20x cheaper... do you have a sense for whether they see this trend as a threat to protect against vs an opportunity to get behind?