You're an astronaut. Click to watch random videos in space.

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Saw this trending on HN (via @libovness) and to share. The site simply shows random videos from space, sourced from YouTube. Visit the site, turn down the lights, and play some Tycho. 😊
@rrhoover @libovness That combination πŸ™
Bug: The videos are not about space. Right now itΒ΄s just random videos on Youtube. Idea: You should put a live feed from the International Space Station. Also, put a trippy psychodelic music in the background. People would go to just to relax and enjoy the view.
@edmilson_rodrigues ... and make it a shareable "shared experience" with chat. (keeping the option for private sessions.) Right now, the text on the home page says we are "people watching" and, as you said, is now playing random videos from everyday people... which could be cool as an alternative 'channel.' ... like a box of chocolates.
@edmilson_rodrigues It's not a bug. The tagline on Product Hunt is just slightly misleading.
There is a beauty to this. Getting a glimpse into the windows of people sharing real moments of all types is a reminder of the promise of social media. Strip away the editing or setting up a shot and you have people inviting you into their lives for a brief moment in time.
Upvoting in honor of Gene Cernan! I really hope we push the boundaries he helped set, and keep exploring. The world is a more inspiring place with humans in space.
This is like TV of the Internet!