Introducing to you the latest and most advanced Joomla framework - “Astroid”. In Astroid framework, we have included so many exciting features which we always wish to have in other frameworks. Astroid is a revolutionary framework for Joomla that will make developing websites in Joomla! Faster, simpler and incredibly easy for the end user.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Looks good, wish you good luck for success with this.
@vineet18del Thanks a lot :)
Hey @semnaveenkumar, Can you tell us more about what you've built here?
Hi @jacqvon Astroid is a Joomla template framework which comes with advanced management option and layout builder as well mega menu builder. It helps you to develop Joomla templates and websites easily.
Can you explain the advantages over the Gantry framework?
@lynnfredricks It comes with more advanced features like drag and drop mega menu builder, multiple article types, Custom badges, comment integrations, and so many other things. The biggest advantage is that it comes with a clean and attractive template so you can use that template as it is on your website.
It looks pretty promising. Thank you :) It happened that I read recently an article on Joomla and I find it really cool that this tool is so versatile and useful in lots of cases. And thanks for explaining the differences between your framework and others.
I doo really like this builder. I like Joomla's SEO options and featires. It's totally free and has a realy good design. Before I used Weebly and Mobirise, though now I'm the tottal fan of this website builder.