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We just added Astrobot Voice directly to our email apps. That means you can now use voice commands to read, manage, and reply to emails without leaving Astro’s iOS and Android apps. At Astro, we’re bringing AI to email, and a big part of that is using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and voice to improve how you interact with your inbox. So, we’re excited to be the first email app with in-app voice and to enable a lot more people to manage their inbox with voice. We also have an Alexa Skill, launched back in June, so you can also manage your inbox with your Amazon Echo. Here’s how it works: 📲 Get the latest versions of Astro for iOS and Android 🤖 Long-press on the Astrobot icon 🗣️ Start talking. Try saying “Read my Priority emails” then “Snooze” or “Next” 📩 To reply, say “Reply” (pretty easy, right?) followed by your custom response. Astrobot will repeat your response back before sending. You can read more about our launch on our blog. We’d also love to hear your feedback and answer any questions...we’ll be here all day... Thanks for your support!
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@apflaum That's fantastic! Email over voice is a tremendous opportunity, very hard to get right but would free up so much time. I've taken to dictating some of my rapide fire emails while on the go, and unfortunately I still too often have to make corrections. Excited about the potential for this new feature. I'd given the app a try a while back – will try again with Astro Voice!
@apflaum First - been using Astro for a couple of months now and am a big fan of your UX. However, I'm not having any luck with the long-press on the Astrobot. I have to open Astrobot and click on the microphone bottom-right to access this functionality. Am I doing something wrong? Edit: What's the first rule of tech support? Did you reboot your device? Yeah, that pretty much fixes everything!
@apflaum @rlacombe Thanks Romain, we see a big opportunity here as well. Hope this saves you some time.
@apflaum @gschaadt Hold the icon at the bottom down for 1-2 seconds and voice should pop up.
Astro is hands down the best email solution since Mailbox shutdown. Here's my current list of feature requests: - Counter/badge == total number in inbox, not just unread (yay inbox zero motivation) - snooze to mobile (inverse of snooze to desktop) - snooze to location (e.g. show invite email when i get to venue) - COMMAND+SHIFT+V is a plaintext paste (so i don't need to paste into sublimetext first) - Mark emails as read across Slack and App (if i check one, mark other as read. no more double notifications) keep up the great work guys!
@glowingrec Thank you for the kudos, and for the interesting feedback ideas...we've noted those. As for the last, we should do that already...Eg., from Slack (or Amazon Alexa) you could mark a message as Read/Unread, and that status will update in our apps. Please let us know if you see otherwise...
@glowingrec Have you tried Popclip? Great for quick 'paste as plaintext'! I use it many times/day.
@apflaum I think it's mostly that i end up checking it in astro and then still have an unread message in slack. it'd be cool if it worked both ways. also: I really liked Polymail's unsubscribe button. they put a button in the menu that allows you to unsubscribe in a single click. or at least it tried to. I feel like that's a problem your AI can solve quite well.
I'm an email app addict who has tried way too many email apps. I've been using Astro on iOS and Mac OS for a couple months now. Extremely happy with it! My biggest request is to make some UX/UI updates. I actually wrote to support to request certain things like making better use of the bottom area of the Inbox screen with more frequent use buttons located down there.
@rzntr Many thanks for your support and using Astro -- and for your feedback.
When will Astro support iCloud mail?
@hrbrt We don't have an exact timeline to share right now, but this is a very popular request and we hope to add more email providers soon.
@emilykramer Thanks. Pretty significant for iOS users, gmail not so much.
Great. Congrats!!! Astro is my favorite email client. Would be awesome if you add support for Spanish, reading emails in Spanish is a priority for me
@ricardopolo Thanks for the request Ricardo!