Astro for Android

Modern email app for Mac, iOS, and Android, powered by AI

Modern email apps for Mac, iOS, Android, and Alexa, fully-integrated with Slack, and powered by artificial intelligence.

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I’ve been using Astro since their alpha. There are a lot of good email clients available today, but performance and an underrated simplicity made Astro stick. What can I say, it reminds me of Mailbox ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Astrobot (their AI) is a nice addition, making onboarding fun and helping out setting up VIP contacts. New Android app looks great (they’ve got a knack for combining native styling with their unique iconography and colors).
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I have used nearly every email client on the market (Sparrow, Mailbox, Polymail, Notion, Easily Do, Spark) and Astro is the king! Nice work.
@professorz Great to hear.
Hello again Product Hunt, we’re happy to be back. Today, we’re launching our intelligent email app in Public Beta on Android. We launched Astro a few weeks back on Mac, iPhone, and iPad and are excited to add another app to the mix. We'll be answering questions today and are excited to hear your feedback, so ask away. 🙏 Thanks for checking us out and a special thanks Tim for Hunting us, he helped design Mailbox at Dropbox, so his stamp of approval means a lot to us... 💌 A bit more about Astro... *We want Astro to be the go-to tool for managing email, so we built simple, intuitive, and feature-rich email apps on desktop and mobile. *Features include: Priority Inbox, Snooze, Send Later, Swipes, Email Reply Tracking, Mute, Unsubscribe, Customizable Notifications, Multiple Accounts in a Unified Inbox, and the list goes on (check out the full list at *Privacy and Security: We know that Privacy and Security of email apps are top of mind right now, and this is a top priority at Astro. You can read more about this in our FAQ article: 🤖 But we’ve also built something new to email…Astrobot *Astrobot is an AI-powered chatbot that helps you stay on top of important messages. *Astrobot helps you add your email accounts and declutter your inbox within 30 seconds of syncing your account. *As you use Astro, Astrobot helps you unsubscribe from lists you never pay attention to, archive old messages, set up auto-foldering of emails, and sends reminders about questions and important emails in your inbox. *Astrobot can also help you set Personal Reminders, manage your VIP List, and scan your team’s shared contacts so that you can get an introduction to someone new. 🚀 Here’s what’s coming next from Astro... *We’re launching Email Open Tracking on Android next week. This was a highly requested feature for iOS and Mac, and we launched it just last week. We’re hard at work getting it ready for Android too. *Support for additional email account types. We currently support Gmail and Office 365. *Astrobot showing up in new places to help you stay focused on the most important messages *Amazon Alexa integration: We’re excited about voice and conversational UI, and this is high on our list *Continuing to add to the library of commands Astrobot: the more you ask Astrobot the smarter it gets. *Astro is currently free. We expect to launch a paid version for teams later this year, but the features available today will remain free for early users. We can't wait to hear from you!
@emilykramer for the AI to work (or even your app in general) do you download my email to your servers? And if you do, will you sell my data like
I'm really enjoying Astro so far and performance is leaps and bounds above some of the other popular email clients, and a little more exciting than old-reliable-Outlook. Can't wait for other providers to be added to Astro, and looking forward to seeing how Astrobot evolves. Great job, folks.
@levi_s Thanks Levi. We appreciate it and lots more on the way...
I've tried many different email clients and none of them have stuck. I've been using Astro on my Mac and iPhone the past couple months and loved it. It's super well designed and just enough features to be powerful without getting bloated. Great job guys. Keep it up!
@xenoabe Thanks Justin!