Astro (by vidme)

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Vidme, a simple anonymous video-sharing app by @abenzer, launched several months ago. It's interesting to see this spin off product, surfacing nearby videos. Why build this into a separate app rather than a toggle within the main app, Alex?
@rrhoover Astro is our (very) new sandbox app at Vidme. We're using it to test the idea that location and recency can often make videos much more interesting. We got this idea when we noticed that many of the videos uploaded to Vidme every day are especially interesting because of where and when they are posted. We want to try giving people a new way to see what's happening around them and ultimately what's happening in other interesting areas of the world right now. YouTube and most other video apps/platforms don't do this well. We are also testing the idea that this can help creators get discovered and build local followings, kind of like virtual busking. How do you get subscribers if you're late to YouTube/Vine and don't already have an audience? Location as a discovery method could make things more meritocratic for creators. We made Astro it's own app because we want to experiment with location as its core theme without interfering with the basic purpose of the current Vidme app — simple, account-optional video sharing. We also plan to add a different kind of discovery experience to Vidme very soon. It's really a bit early for PH but we'd obviously love the feedback :)