Astro 3.0

Intelligent inbox and calendar for iOS, Android, Mac & Slack

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 24, 2018

Intelligent inbox and calendar for iOS, Android, Mac & Slack

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Hello Product Hunt. We’ve been counting down the days on our Astro Calendar until this launch, and we’re happy to be back on Product Hunt. Thanks to Andrew for hunting us and to you for checking us out. We'll be answering questions here today and we’re excited to hear your feedback. 📅 🤖 🎨 The highlights of today’s launch are an intelligent built-in Calendar, Astrobot and AI updates, @mentions, and an updated design. Here's more detail about what we're launching today: 📅 CALENDAR * View, add and manage your calendar directly from Astro * Customizable views: Switch between Agenda, Daily, and 3 Day views, and choose Gmail and Office 365 accounts and calendars to display * Agenda view: Get a complete picture of what’s happening today. Snoozed emails, emails scheduled for later, and Reminders show up with your events in Agenda view. 🤖 ASTROBOT UPDATES *Astrobot uses machine learning to help you clean up your inbox, manage your day, and stay on top of what’s most important. * We’ve improved Astrobot’s natural language understanding, added new Astrobot Insights, new Ask Astrobot commands, and made everything more discoverable. ⚡ASTROBOT INSIGHTS * Astrobot Insights remind you to follow up on important emails and questions, suggest emails to archive or unsubscribe from, and let you know when tracked emails get opened. * New Insight: Astrobot identifies emails that contain a time suggestion or due date, then Astrobot highlights this time-specific request so you don’t miss it. * New Insight: Reference teammates using an @mention to highlight their name and have Astrobot notify them. 💬 ASK ASTROBOT * Astrobot responds to hundreds of commands that help you manage your inbox and Calendar. * We’ve added a lot of new commands based on your requests, and of course, some to help you manage your Calendar. TRY ASKING: * Create new folder called “Product Hunt Greatness” * Search for emails from Ryan Hoover * Move emails from to folder Product Hunt Greatness * Archive emails older than 14 days * Add event called download Astro today at 10 am There’s a lot more info on our blog, 💌 Thanks for checking us out. We can't wait to hear what you think.
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@apflaum Opening my Slack right now. Excited to see your updates!
@mentions @mention @apflaum I've been really happy with the beta of Astro 3. There is room for improvement on making calendar events (and invites in particular) better, but I'm excited about the integration.
@jeremychrysler Thank you for the feedback, and we've noted your comments on invites. Also FYI we're nominated for Product Hunt's Mobile App of the Year and would love your vote!
@apflaum Google Assistant support in the pipeline? Also, does Signatures sync, finally across platforms/ apps? 🤔
@apflaum compliments for the update, I just have a bullet point in my wishlist: what about Canned Responses?
I switched to Astro this fall for all of my email and love it. I was initially surprised by how much I liked the chatbot, and with this update, it’s won me over even more. Also really excited about the addition of Calendar. Makes it a lot easier than switching between apps to figure out what’s going on in my day. Congrats to the team on the huge update!
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No iCloud support. No IMAP support. Not a real full email client. Yet. By the way, the "not yet supported" ambiguity has been said since the beginning of Astro. I'd be happier if they were not unclear anymore and simply said "we won't support it". Then users like myself wouldn't waste time expecting it..
@lyondhur We do plan to support additional services such as iCloud,, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and FastMail, although our timing is uncertain, as our first priorities are the business email services, Gmail/GSuite and Office 365. And to be fair in terms of expectations, I wouldn't say our delivery of this would be very soon. ​ You can read more details here in our FAQs, and meantime I've added your 'vote' for this in our feature-request database. Please feel free to let us know if you have any additional feedback or questions.
@maddysklein you have been saying the exact same thing since astro went up online for the first time. Sorry guys, I need more and I'm no longer buying it. I've been with the competition for a while and am not seeing you on the landscape anymore. For me, wrong strategy to promise/commit to something without a deadline.. over and out.

I really like this as it makes me think that I am actually getting through emails and I am actively finding ways to reduce the bulk of things I don't look at anymore.


Multiple accounts, calendar addition is great, actionable unsubscribes, VIP contacts and a whole heap more.


none as yet

I have been back and forth with Astro so much over the past few months... falling in love with it, then deleting the app when it didn’t have what I wanted to trying other apps only to come back to Astro! It is a staple and it’s the best one out there that works for me and trust me I have literally tried them all. I am so excited about the update! For some reason it’s not showing a notification for an update in my App Store app yet but as soon as it does I’m going to update my App Store review!