World's first head up display to mirror your phone's screen



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Matt Aunger — Lead Marketing Engineer, Deveo
I'm a little confused. If it "mirrors" your smartphone, what's the difference between this and simply mounting your smartphone to the dash? It is still a distraction from the road, whether it's on your phone, or any other screen, no? If anything, doesn't this increase the likelihood of distraction? EDIT: I just read the makers' comment above and understand the gesture control takes control of the interaction distraction. The point of it being a visual distraction still remains, though.
Christian Contreras — Product Modeler
@matt_aunger Hey Matt, if you mount your phone to the dash or the windshield, it will completely obstruct that portion of your view. the great thing about Astro is that the screen being projected onto is still see-through, while a mounted phone is not. As long as there is technology there will be distractions. Astro takes steps to greatly minimize those distractions. With Astro you can still keep your eyes on the road while doing tasks such as navigating or taking calls.
Matt Aunger — Lead Marketing Engineer, Deveo
@cc0724 Don't get me wrong, it's impressive as a product, but doesn't it still enable? the same scenario a dashboard mount does, of an irresponsible driver not paying attention to the road. That's what it boils down to. Saying "As long as there is technology there will be distractions" doesn't really justify it.

Apologies, for being quite oppositional here. I'm of the belief that while driving, your attention should be on the road, not on other tasks.
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
Very cool and timely for Californians. It's now illegal to hold your phone while driving.

Also check out this similar car dash: Navdy
Kevin William David — Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
@rrhoover Also check out Exploride.
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