Astral is the best way to organize your GitHub stars

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Hi everyone! Creator of Astral here. Happy to answer any questions you may have. If you'd like to file a feature request or bug report, you can create a ticket in the "astral-issues" repo.
@syropian Astral is beautiful and a much-needed tool. Haven't dug too much into the tagging feature, but are you, or are you planning to, aggregating tags across users? Would be great to let the community help each other there in some way. Just a thought. Great tool and fantastic execution.
@michaeltomko If you open up your user settings, you can toggle on Crowdsourced Tagging. It will check to see what other people are tagging the repository with and if it's been tagged 5 or more times with the same tag, it will apply that tag to yours as well.
@michaeltomko Heads up, there have been a few reports of it returning 500's. I'm at work right now, but will look into fixing it when I get home. (Good thing I marked it as beta)
@syropian Yeah, no worries. Not an urgent feature by any means. Didn't notice the settings screen right away or else I would have already had my question answered. Thanks again!
Love the UI, especially on that initial screen. Great work!
This is so useful. Thank you for making this.
@aub Cheers! Glad you like it.
That is one beautiful website. Some additional features like the ability to sort repositories through most starred would be great.
@AsadDhamani Yep, more powerful sorting and tagging is on the way.
Very cool! I'm drowning in starred repos and lately I've started to un-star and then star the good repos to make it top when sorting by date on Github. This is a huge improvement!
@MartinHN Thanks Martin, glad you like it!