Astra Glance - Chrome Extension

Stop buying stuff you don’t need with a data-rich extension.

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Spending data for your online life, per website, delivered through a clever Chrome extension. Log in and see just how much you are spending at every site you go to, so that maybe you second guess that next thing that you want to buy but probably don’t need.



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Gil Akos
Gil AkosMakerPro@gil_akos · Co-founder, CEO at Astra
Hi Product Hunt, We founded Astra to make smart tools for personal finance so you can do more with your money, whether it’s paying down debt or saving up for that fun trip. After launching our beta, we heard from our early adopters about how shopping online was a wonderful convenience – and maybe too convenient! We are encouraged to buy with as few clicks as possible outside of any context for what it means for our finances. Enter Astra Glance, a simple Chrome extension that shows you relevant information about your spending at e-commerce sites. Now you have one more tool to make informed decisions and it’s right there in your browser. After all, the fastest way to save money is not to spend it. ;) Some additional tips and details: - Using Glance requires an Astra account – sign up should be quick and easy - After signing up, you will be prompted to connect your checking and credit card accounts - Don’t worry – we don’t store your financial account credentials! - We are currently limited to connecting financial institutions in North America - For best results, connect your financial institutions that you use for online shopping - If you don’t see the extension panel on a site you frequent, you can submit it to our whitelist We’d love some feedback on Astra and Glance and I’m happy to answer any questions!
Charley Ma
Charley Ma@charleyma · Fintech @ Plaid
Congrats on the launch everyone! What inspired the team to create Astra? Interesting twist on saving money :)
Gil Akos
Gil AkosMakerPro@gil_akos · Co-founder, CEO at Astra
@charleyma Thanks! We saw a lack of smart tools out there and inefficiencies in how people tend to manage their finances. Your cash flow should be optimized so your money does work for you! If you want to read more about the origins of Astra, here's an article I wrote: