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My two thoughts: 1) NEEDS ability to coordinate with multiple people, at least for me. 2) Would like the ability to tell it which calendars to sync. Right now it is only doing my personal calendar, but I share my work calendar with my personal account and would like it to take those meetings into account as well. Otherwise, seems very nice!
@ffumarola totally agree. Got so excited by this but the lack of ability to select calendars killed it for me.
Learned about this last week. I'm in love with it. It's already saved me so much time. Hands down the best product I've seen for scheduling meetings within email. Everyone that I've shown it too loved it too. It's rare that I'm this impressed with a product. Bravo.
@EllenChisa I'm the founder of Assistant.to -- we should definitely post a blog post about this. Basically while Betty was catchy and personified the brand/product, some construed it as sexist (not our intention). Also, since the service is used between a user and his/her customer/prospect/candidate in a business setting, the general feedback was that people wanted something more subdued and professional. So after rebuilding much of the app (far faster and more stable), we relaunched as Assistant.to with a bunch of new features (time zone detection/conversion, sharing non-sequential days, etc.). The name Assistant.to plays homage to the fact that scheduling with the product starts with the "to:" line, will open up exciting product possibilities with personalized URLs, and allows us to expand into other assistant-related services. Thanks for the kind words! cc/ @DavidSpinks
Thanks, @EatMentor! Looking forward to hearing your feedback! @adamsigel @ffumarola Thanks! We're hoping to support multiple calendars and different scheduling scenarios beyond the 1-to-1 shortly. Thanks @MSG Much appreciated!
Excited about this! Also looks like there was a little discussion before under an old name: http://www.producthunt.co/posts/... (Curious about why the name changed happened, if anyone from the company is reading along. Couldn't find anything on the blog.)