Assignment Hero

Organize and work on individual or group assignments.

Still in Beta but seems like a fine tools for group assignments. It sync with Google apps and has a nice way of integration Google Docs with the app.
@galimotion Thanks heaps for the hunt!
Huge thanks to @Galimotion my fellow PH lovers! We are super excited to be here and below is a little bit of our story. Being a student myself, it amazes me how the number one tool I see on the screen of people while walking across a library is MS word. Except recently with the advent of Google docs, MS word seems to be the number one tool being used by students from the era of personal computing. So after an internship at a software company and falling in love with awesome workplace collaboration tools, AssignmentHero was born. And we have just started on a journey to build something amazing for students, that uplifts their experience of working on assignments. I would love to hear any thoughts/feedbacks/ideas or answer any questions. Thanks!
Congrats to @Shaded and the team. This is an awesome tool for students to collaborate.
@hashikaar Thanks so much mate :) P.S - my twitter handle is @shahedx7