A super fast image resizing tool

Have you ever had trouble resizing images?

We had and we decided to tackle the problem :) The app is called Assetizr and should make resizing your images really easy. Feel free to check it out and give us some feedback! The app is free at the moment

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Please let me know what you think! We're happy to implement new features in the future!
@kevin_raposo awesome article! So good to hear positive feedback :)
I tried it and I was so much impressed by it's speed and simplicity! As a web coder I would like to see more image optimization settings also. Maybe something like a range slider to control optimization level. But even though, I love this tool! Great job was done!
@braves_only Hi there! Very cool to hear feedback like this :) Let us know if what other features you would like to have in the future. I'll put the quality control on our feature request list!
Wow I checked it out and I agree, completely blown away by how fast and good it compresses the images. Super easy to use with the drag and drop, really like the design as well. Nicely done and thumbs up 😃
@florian_mueller1 Thanks Florian! Let me know if we can improve it any further
Such a great alternative to the strenuous approach I'm using at the moment! Any plans on developing a plugin to CMS platforms like WordPress?
@lachlankirkwood Hi Lachlan, great to hear that you like it :) We just launched Assetizr, but we are very open to feedback about future development. I will add the feature request to our backlog :)
@lachlankirkwood @gisderdube I also subscribe to the idea of a WordPress plugin for this. I use a few automatic tools to resize images, tinypng being my favourite, but Assetizr is very interesting. I enjoy the simplicity of your app. Haven't compared it with other services, but the simplicity is highly enticing.
Yeah, downloaded it. This is actually pretty impressive.
@rob_wood1 Thanks Rob! Great to hear that :)