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Hey Product Hunt! I'm one of the Co-founders of Assertible, along with my brother @creichert07. Happy to answer any questions about Assertible or the direction we're headed! We're a couple of developers that are passionate about software correctness and testing. Our main goal is to enable teams and developers of all shapes and sizes to create effective and well-known tests and monitoring for mission critical services. Our next step is going to be introducing more powerful assertion suites for any API or website with just a click. PS - Here's a short intro:
Hey Product Hunt! Me again. We're excited to be moving quickly on some new features and feedback we've received. Today we added a way to streamline creating assertions for your web service. There's a bunch of new tests you can add and try out on your own website. Blog with more info/screenshots: Create a free account here: We'd love to hear some feedback from the community on the new features; let us know what you think!
very easy to use, reliable and free plan :)