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Most Ad-blocking softwares don’t offer users any rewards. With Asora, we offer a free ad-blocker that pays you in cryptocurrency each time you block an ad. Privacy That Pays

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John@pregenun · Curator of / wannabe desinger
Does the site use background mining as a way to gain the rewards, or are there other ways Asora can make profit to reward users? I'm just curious ✌
John@pregenun · Curator of / wannabe desinger
Orçun İlbeyli
Orçun İlbeyli@nucro · Product Designer
"How it works" does not really tell how it works. It's more like a what does it do. I'd echo @Pregenun. Makers?
Mahesh Shrestha
Mahesh Shrestha@traveler · Hunt down the products I use | Engineer
How can same product be hunted thrice in PH with same URL? @rrhoover
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊 Unable to understand the usage. Could we have an extension for chrome
Roj Niyogi
Roj Niyogi@niyogi · Founder, Bajaar
Where's the catch? How do you earn money to afford paying users in tokens?