ASO Tool Box by StoreMaven

Preview & download the creatives of any app, in any country

StoreMaven is the leading platform for testing App Store and Google Play marketing assets. The ASO Tool Box by StoreMaven is a free Chrome extension that lets you preview any mobile app, in any country, right from your desktop. You can also download all creative assets of competitor apps with just one click.

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Thank you so much for hunting us, Ben! 🚀 Hey Product Hunt, I’m Gad, CEO & Co-founder of StoreMaven. My fellow founders include @adamrakib and @eldadabel. One of the things we're most passionate about is automating processes that require a lot of manual and repetitive work. When app marketers perform competitive research, they need to manually change the localization on their mobile phone to preview competitors’ app stores in different countries. They also have to take individual mobile screenshots of all of their competitors’ app store creatives (without the ability to extract video). We wanted to create a tool to help ASO managers do all of the above with more efficiency, and that's why we built the ASO Tool Box for Google Chrome. Here’s a list of current features: ✔️ View app store pages in any country and in any language🔥 ✔️ Preview and interact with the mobile layout of any app store, straight from your desktop🔥 ✔️ Download all creative assets (including elements that are more difficult to extract, such as the Google Play feature graphic/video, short description, and Apple App Preview Videos)🔥 We’re working hard to add even more features to the ASO Tool Box in the coming months, so make sure to check back for more updates. We’d love to get your feedback and answer any questions, so please reach out to us in the comments! Thanks for checking us out! 🙏 Cheers, Gad
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Love this product! Good job guys :)
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@robertnachum7 Thanks Robert!
Super simple yet powerful tool. Is there anyway to click on read more? As we can only see short preview of the app description. Unable to click on readmore there.
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Hi @evivz, thanks for the kind words! This functionality should work actually, you should be able to expand the description by hitting Read More. Still not working?
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@gadmaor tried on android play store didnt work. I can send you video if you want. browser: google chrome pc: macbook i5
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@evivz You can currently expand the full description for iOS apps, but we'll definitely work on adding this feature for Google Play apps in the future! We appreciate the feedback!
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