ASMR Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones

Listen to what you want comfortably lying in your bed

Premium ASMR/sleeping bluetooth headphones. Traditional earphones or headphones can be too thick and hurts ears. This headband is made from very comfortable materials and with very thin headphones. You can easily remove the headband to wash it.

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Very interesting!! Congratulations on the idea, really good! ;)
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@matheusguerra Thank you! :)
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No worries about #electromagnetic #radiation?
@hakosam There is also a version with wire if you want :)
@eternam LOL. That transmits the radiation also. Is there an Air Tube headset version?
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@hakosam Of course ! ;)
As someone with tinnitis (both due to hearing damage as neurological issues, so yes, I have two kinds of tinnitis, woohoo! -_-) I need this!
I bought the version of these from AliExpress, very bulky earpieces, I couldn’t sleep on the them. Best brand are SleepPhones, more expensive but nice and thin.