AskMakers 2.0

Ask experienced makers questions💡

AskMakers is the community to ask and answer the question about bootstrapping, making apps, and so on.
It's still a small community but they are all the passionate makers and there are some successful makers.
Let's help each other and build better products🤞
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I answered a few questions on here and I really like the fact that it's specialized for indie hacking.
@skladfin Hi, Jaime. Thank you for your feedback! Let's indie hacking💪
Nice going there, Taishi. Good luck with the launch. I learnt a fair bit by engaging questions on the platform 🙏
@swsalim Hi, Yuyu. Thank you for the comment! Glad to hear Yuyu!!
Great idea! Looks really cool
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@petecodes Hi, Pete! Thank you for saying that!
Hey Product Hunters! Last September, I launched the first version of AskMakers. It got a ton of feedback reactions! Since then, I have been making lots of products, however, AskMakers has something special about it✨ That's why I have worked on it so hard to make it better💫 I know there are still things I have to figure out, therefore I am super nervous but I think it can be good to expose AskMakers to the Product Hunt community! Thank you @mijustin @1hakr @amiechen01 @jonathanbull and @skladfin for signing up and supporting AskMakers🙏 🛠 New stack I know most users don't care what kind of technology the product use but let me introduce them✍️ ・Next.js for SSR ・Totally new design with Tailwind CSS I used to use Nuxt.js and Bulma for AskMakers, but I wanted to make SSR and use React, so I chose Next.js. I really like it now ✌️ 🎨 Renewed UI I have worked so hard to make it better for users to browse AskMakers. I am not a designer so I did research, learned, and applied my new knowledge to AskMakers 👨‍🎤 New featured makers Thank you for joining 🙇‍♂️ @jonathanbull the maker of EmailOctopus @skladfin the maker of FootyStats 🔍 Search questions 🚀 Categories When I sent an email to @dinkydani21 about AskMakers, she told me the categories and search functionality are absolutely necessary for AskMakers. I agree! What kind of web applications like this doesn't have these functionalities? I wrote a code and implemented it ASAP. Thank you for the kind feedback @dinkydani21 😊 💬 Comment on the answer I think leaving a comment and discussing the topic is very important, therefore I added the commenting feature! 📧 Email notifications You receive an email notification when you receive an answer, an upvote on your answer, your answer gets bookmarked, or someone comments on your answer. You can turn off the notifications on your setting page👌 🔮 More to come ・I have a plan to implement the feature that you can ask a question to the specific maker on AskMakers 🤞 ・Nested commenting is absolutely the thing I have to implement😎 💖 Thank you, everyone, for giving me the kind words and productive feedback I've needed for almost 10 months. I can keep working on it because of you😭 Love, Taishi 🙏
This is definitely an exciting product and a new idea. Signed up and excited to get answers to the million questions I have :D All the best!
@sunilc_ Hi, Sunil. Thank you for the comment and posting a new question! I keep it up👍