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AskMakers is the community to ask and answer the question about bootstrapping, making apps and so on.
Currently, @mijustin @1hakr @amiechen01 joined AskMakers to answer the question.
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Hey Product Hunters! I made a new product called AskMakers. Here is the problem I had and the solution I made. 🤔Problem When I ask a question, what do you use? Maybe Twitter🐦? The problem is there is no place that I can store only questions and answers. I feel that I need a web site only for Question and answer for Indie Makers. 💡Solution I talked with @shun_yamada and he said the idea is so good. How about people can ask experienced/famous makers questions? This sounds great because I really want it. So I send emails to the makers I respect and some of them replied to me and joined AskMakers. I am nobody, don't have a big Twitter account, but they cooperate with me. Thank you so so much @mijustin @1hakr @amiechen01 😊!! 💫Future of AskMakers Now the users can post a question only for one person. But in the future, the users can post a question for everyone, which means I would like to make AskMakers just like Quora for indie makers. ➕P.S. This is one of my products in a series of #3kRevenueChallenge. I am really working hard to achieve my goal. Please check it out 😎
@shun_yamada @mijustin @1hakr @amiechen01 @taishi_kato that's a great concept. Good luck for the future!
@luqa Hi, Luca. Thank you for your comment! Glad to hear it! Yes we will make a awesome Q&A community👍
Congratulations! Typo on home page . Recent Answers.
@pjijin Hi, Jijin! Thank you so much for letting me know!!
@vineet_sinha Hi, Vineet. Thank you for your comment!! Yes I understand it. We keep doing it👍
Congratulations! Hopefuly so many makers share knowledge on AskMakers 🤣🤣
@shun_yamada Thank you mate! Yes I hope that too! Let's make it like Quora for indie makers 🎉
Great idea 💡
@mohamed_salah3 Thank you Mohamed! I keep improving it!