#AskGaryVee Episode 191: Influencer Marketing, How to Go Viral & Vlogging

Is there such thing as a viral formula to make things spread

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Brendan Hufford
Brendan Hufford@brendan_hufford
Enjoyed this one. @garyvee's SXSW keynote was awesome as well in case people have missed it. The tough love in q&a was GOLD.
Harsha M V
Harsha M V@harshamv · Skreem, Head of Technology
@brendanhufford @garyvee can you share the link please if its online.
Harsha M V
Harsha M V@harshamv · Skreem, Head of Technology
@brendanhufford thanks Brendan
Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre MouriecHunter@mrcalexandre · CS @ IUT Lannion | Side-projects Lover
One of my favorite episodes of the #AskGaryVee Show with guests. Gary Vaynerchuk is on fire as usual :) In this episode, Gary Vaynerchuk is joined by Sara Dietschy, who makes the viral video HOW TO CASEY NEISTAT A VLOG and Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential. They talked about viral videos, Influencer Marketing, vlogging and blogging, Snapchat, & many other topics... An episode with lots of exchanges, interesting things to learn and useful advice. Also, go watch the Sara Dietschy's Youtube Channel, she makes really great videos.