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Alexei ChemendaMaker@alexeichemenda
Hi all! Exciting to see the search engine has been hunted, let me know if you have any questions or feedback, will be working on V2 this weekend for some cool update so any feedback on existing / new features is much appreciated ! And biiiig thanks to @krainak @clineamb @zakmoy @mirza for the great help & trust and making this happen !!
Caroline Amaba@clineamb · Software Engineer, BuzzFeed
@alexeichemenda @krainak @zakmoy @mirza Haha, it was a lot of fun to work on this with ya! :D Very excited to see this hunted!!!
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Love the execution, @alexeichemenda and @garyvee. The Q&A format makes it perfect for this format. @jason has published over 600 This Week in Startup episodes. Would love to see something similar for his shoooowwww (see what I did there?). 😀
Alexei ChemendaMaker@alexeichemenda
@rrhoover @garyvee @jason thanks Ryan !! give me some time and as soon as week-end hits i'm going to add more cool stuff and i can chat with @jason to see how i can help him if he's interested !
Alexei ChemendaMaker@alexeichemenda
@rrhoover @garyvee @jason aka, let's make it happen !
Louis GalipeauHunter@muloka · Product Manager / DJ
"Why an #AskGaryVee Database? Because 3 things: 1. GaryVee gives a *lot* of amazing content through video, and it's hard to keep up. 2. It's easier to look for a specific topic, either for yourself or when you want to share with other people. 3. Imagine not having a search engine on Wikipedia. Same thing here. You're welcome."
Alexei ChemendaMaker@alexeichemenda
@muloka :) thanks again for hunting !
Remmelt van Tol@remmeltvantol · All-round creative.
Pretty cool! I'm building something similar for Justin Kan: www.justinkeytv.com 🔑📺 With all his daily Snapchat content into new episodes (including the famous Klaus score). @bentossell @muloka
Ethan Ellis@designerethan · Web Designer
@remmeltvantol Was looking into something similar too. Could not find a decent snapchat api. May I ask how you pulling those snaps? Is it a manual process?
Alexei ChemendaMaker@alexeichemenda
@remmeltvantol @bentossell @muloka thanks ! would be cool to see what you built (even unfinished) email me if you're down, alexei [ dot] chemenda [at] gmail [dot ] com
Ethan Ellis@designerethan · Web Designer
There is also http://askgaryveeshow.com which has a few more search options and each question is also categorized. It also makes use of youtube captions too, creating a more dynamic search result. Disclaimer, I am the developer of askgaryveeshow.com so Im obviously biased.