Ask questions in natural language and find answers in data ⚑

AskData is based on Human2SQL, the 🌎 world's biggest repository of πŸ’¬ natural language and SQL πŸ“€
Main benefits:
⚑️ Superior Natural Language Querying
⚑️ Personalized Feed of Proactive Answers
⚑️ Message-Driven Collaborative Workflows
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Hi Hunters πŸ‘‹, Co-Founder of Askdata here. I’m happy to answer any questions! After years of hard work, we’re very excited to be on Product Hunt today - thanks @chrismessina for hunting us! We started Askdata with one goal: making access data easy for everyone. With Askdata non-technical users ask questions in Natural Language and find answers across all their data. We enable teams to become truly data-driven. Some of world biggest organizations use Askdata, companies like BNP Paribas, KPMG and TIM. We’d appreciate your feedback!

I have been working closely with Askdata on their MicroStrategy integration in order to bring their amazing capabilities to our users and customer base. They are visionaries, ahead of the curve of needs for most customers. There is still a lot of evangelization to do as the market matures for this kind of technologies. Spread of conversational agents to the public for general inquiries of day to day life should also help address this concern.


Impressed by their ability to innovate & seamlessly bring AI to business users. Agile, motivated, easy to work & do business with


Some customers still struggling to understand how they can apply this technology to their use cases.

Nice idea Simone, look forward to try it!
@ivap_84 Thanks! Did you requested an account? :)
I've been in the beta and I've tested the MySQL dataset, the queries in natural language are smooth and the results are accurate. The only cons is in the backend configuration, that can be a bit tricky but the team is very open to help. PRO: It works, and it's quite impressive! CONS: You probably need some help in the configuration phase if you are not used to deal with DBs, the documentation owever is enough for an experienced user.
@rzvme thanks for the review, we definitely have to make the back end easier πŸ˜…
@rzvme thank you for your feedback :) we will reach you out for some suggestions!

Accessing the data feels more "direct" and is much easier compared to logging into the BigQuery dashboard and writing custom queries


A fast way of accessing data: we connected Askdata to our Google BigQuery instance


Selecting columns for the database sync could be a bit easier