Browser extensions that keep permission requests in check

Browser extensions which block overly-eager permission requests for notifications, location, etc. For example, ones that happen before you've interacted with the page. This was created as part of 'How to improve your permissions UX' (

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Hey from Ireland :) I was inspired to write a blog post ( on how developers and designers can improve their UX when asking for permissions; i.e. notifications, locations, etc. Not only did it turn out to be much longer than I expected, but I brought more work on myself by deciding to create browser extensions to help with the problem as well. So I thought I might as well post something to ProductHunt for the first time. AskBlocker is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Brave, which keeps permissions requests in check. Permissions requests are blocked until you've interacted with the page (i.e. click, tap, or key press), with the following exceptions: - If the permission has been previously requested and granted (or explicitly denied). - If the domain is localhost or - If you've navigated to the current page from another page on the same domain. This will at least block immediate requests to enable notifications the first time you go a site. You can see the requests which were caught and whitelist them (it will ask again and reload, to be safe). It's free and open-source ( Thanks in advance for any feedback. P.S. I just noticed @andrewdumont's ; I probably should've used it for the branding :)