Report on & pause search & social ad campaigns from Slack

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A huge shout out and thank you to @hnshah for hunting AskAdStage. Hey Product Hunters! Sahil, co-founder and CEO of AdStage here. We’re excited to grant marketers’ the power to pull on-the-fly cross-network search and social reports right within Slack! Our smart AI-powered bot is very easy to use and allows you to create bar, line, or pie charts in seconds––then take action on poor performing campaigns or ad creative with the ability to pause their status. What started out as a Hackathon idea, soon captivated our engineering and product teams and we’re thrilled to show off the final product. Looking forward to hearing from you all! Feel free to ask me anything! PS - unlock AskAdStage and more reporting and automation products by starting a free 14-day trial (no cc required) 👉 We're looking forward to your honest feedback!
The folks at AdStage have made it super easy to get reports and also manage paid ad campaigns right from Slack. This is a great addition to an already very useful product for marketers. Check it out!
@ariaitch definitely. The google Analytics feature is great and a fun way to query data. The nuanced difference being able to collaborate using Slack. Both useful and maybe you'll see askadstage common language querying sneak it's way into our Product, AdStage Report.
@sahilio yeah I meant that in a good way, that you're on top of your game!
@ariaitch totally! Thx :)
I could see this being useful for real-time reporting for short-time intervals just to see if anything is spiking, but I'd have trouble using such high level insights to manage campaigns right from Slack. What are some of the high leverage use cases you see this being used for @wickerpedia and @sahilio
@ffumarola great question and thanks for checking us out! There are so many deeper applications such as: 1) Reporting by groups of similar themed ad accounts, which we are labeling "Account Groups". 2) Reporting by similar groups of campaigns by theme or objective, which we call "Folders". 3) Adding the 'contains' filter to reveal similar themed campaigns or ad groups/ad sets within a single network. For example: Pull a report of all your Facebook ad sets with engagement as the core objective, and sort by the ad sets with the highest cost per engagement over the last 14-days. Then change the chart type to "list" and pause the worst performers in Slack. View the full list of commands here: Hope this helps! -Sahil