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Hey everyone, Following months of hard work and after helping people resolve 100,000 support cases during our beta, we're launching our new product - Ask Wiz on Facebook Messenger ( AND on Google Play ( Powered by AI and thousands of tech experts, Ask Wiz helps with any technical issues, questions or advice, covering mobile, PCs and smart home devices. Please give it a try and let me know what you think! Thanks @benln for the hunt!
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Congrats! How have you built the community of experts so far?
@benln Thanks! It's based on Drippler's community. We had lots of geeks and savvy users who were helping others out on the previous version of the product, and that inspired us to build a dedicated product to provide the best possible support experience. Our amazing community pitched in and together we built the platform they're now supporting other people on.
Can we please stop adding "AI" to rule based algorithm chatbots?
@uxdzen I haven't tried this product, but I tested many other products and talked with a quite a few founders ... seems that everyone now want to have an AI "feature", just because it's the hot trend at the moment and makes the product sound more "sexy" even though it doesn't have anything about AI. Again, I can't talk about this product, but adding "AI" to everything just to look "smart" should stop!
Nice work! but who is that handsome man in the chat picture?!
@itsikalfon Definitely not me..
@icelanderus probably Shutterstock... ;)
trying it out right now with a simple problem. Seems to have a nice natural flow to it.