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User surveys without stress

User surveys are stressful: they're long, boring and repulse busiest attendees that might be your most important customers.

Ask User is changing it. It asks one question at a time and let your customers to answer with a single click. It results in the high answer rate and keeps your customers happy.

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Hey, Product Hunt! I want to share work of my past 6 months with you. I didn’t realize that it’s been half of a year until this week I did the math. Shocked by the number I've decided that it's enough of "one more feature" procrastination, and it's time to ship! 😤 The problem: I’ve created this product to solve the dilemma: user surveys could significantly improve a product and hence the users' life, but users hate surveys because they're long, boring and require a lot of attention. 🤔 The solution: Unlike traditional surveys, Ask User shows a single question once per day (or week — the frequency is configurable). It also allows to give the answer with just a single click. All that techniques together result in a high answer rate and capture the attention of even the busiest users. Another key feature of Ask User is Emojimeter. It's a friendly alternative to the enterprisy NPS that allows to capture users’ feedback by emojis “😡☹️😐🙂😍” instead of the cold scale of 1-10. 🤗 The hugs: I want to thank 🚧 WIP chat for support, company and all the gifs. And also Indie Hackers community for the advice and wisdom. — 🙌 Please let me know what you think, I’m open to any kind of feedback! Thank you!
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@kossnocorp great idea. It is hard to get more response from users when you send list of questions to them. Is there a way to add one questions to newsletter? Instead of showing pop up every time on website.
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@keyul hey, thank you! Emails are on the roadmap and to make that happen faster, could please clarify how would you use that? Do you want to have an embed code that you can copy-paste (to let's say Mailchimp) or you want to make Ask User send question emails?
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@kossnocorp yeah embed code in mailchimp. Create list of questions and assign dates to them. so now when I send email using code block from 'Ask user', it will display question based on the date.
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@keyul @kossnocorp I'll +1 the embed-in-MailChimp request! This looks like such a great feedback tool, the first thing I thought of when it popped up in WIP is that I'd love to embed it at the bottom of all my MailChimp emails. Congrats on the launch!
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@keyul thank you for the clarification. I'll contact you when I'll have something to test.
Hey guys! you are doing an awesome work. Keep it up ;)
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@clominson thank you, Rich ;-)
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I've been using this tool on and the user response rate has exceeded other similar tools I've used in the past. Unlike many feedback widgets, the transaction cost for the end user is very minimal (one click) to which I attribute the high conversion rate.


Easy to setup, install, simple and configurable UI.


None so far.

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