Ask Roboflow is an AI trained on questions and answers from Stack Overflow to answer programming questions.
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Does it generate an answer based on data it was trained on? Can it show me the list of similar questions on SO in response to my question? What I mean is that I want to ask it a question in the plain text format and get the list of relevant questions on SO. Is it capable of doing this?
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@new_user_e854dd02a8 it would need a different model for that but I’m interested in exploring this and other adjacent problems (eg predicting whether your post will get answered before you post it, automatic code generation, translation between programming languages, and others).

Huge potential to help beginners with repeat programming questions.


Roboflow is an entertaining proof of concept on how we can teach algorithms programming language syntax.


Roboflow doesn't yet answer accurately.

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About a month ago I launched Stack Roboflow (, a neural network that imagines programming questions. Since then, I've been working on a new AI that can *answer* questions. Meet Ask Roboflow, the AI programming oracle.
Some interesting things I've noticed that it has learned include how to insert HTML links and images into its replies, the syntax of several programming languages, and how to link to "relevant" documentation. Unfortunately, one thing it hasn't yet learned is the concept of "correctness" so most of the answers you'll see won't actually be helpful yet... I plan to continue to improve the model as time goes on. Hopefully one day it will actually be able to help new programmers get instant answers to their programming questions. I plan to continue to iterate on improving the model until it hopefully becomes a useful tool for answering new coders' questions.
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