A HIV/AIDS hotline for your iPhone

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@imstilljosh built this with and he's been having some good success with it. I think it's a really interesting concept and a promising way to deliver help easily and accessibly.
Thanks for the shout out. We have plenty of HIV FAQ out there. I thought a personal, peer-to-peer response to user's HIV questions might be helpful. Thanks to Support Kit, Mike Guzzo and of course Ethan app.
@imstilljosh Gozzo. (Twitter name throws me every time.) apologies! :)
@imstilljosh congrats on the launch. You mentioned Ethan. Was @gliechtenstein's app part of the inspiration?
@rrhoover thank you. I used the code from, developed based on Ethan. And I implemented some additional features from SupportKit. (notifications, whispers, and recommended content)