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Let Gary Vee punch out the entrepreneur out of you

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Big @garyvee fan here. I love his east coast, no bullshit style, exemplified in this show.
Yad Faeq
Yad FaeqHunter@yadfaeq · Applied Researcher ML / AI
I have founded & confounded up to 3 startups in the last 5 years. Gary Vee's podcasts and knowledge on branding and social media is an inevitable source of knowledge.
Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary VaynerchukMaker@garyvee · CEO
@yadfaeq thnx Yad :)
Yad Faeq
Yad FaeqHunter@yadfaeq · Applied Researcher ML / AI
@garyvee Ah! I'm glad that you found it here!
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez@headhanchoarod · Founder/CEO at WorkMand & Code2040 EIR
Gary is the man, at social media and branding!
Greg Gilbert
Greg Gilbert@gregoiregilbert · I make products and run companies.
You have to watch this. Thanks @garyvee for taking the time to do these videos. Always energizing and inspiring.
Andy McIlwain
Andy McIlwain@andymci · Content & Community @ GoDaddy
Love this show. Been following @garyvee's work since the Thundershow and his appearance on Diggnation. Protip: Subscribe to the podcast. Perfect length for accompanying you on a short afternoon walk.