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The Gary Vee Bot's roll into town. 😱
Hey Product Hunters! Over the last few months, I've totally immersed myself in the chatbots space and decided to jump on an opportunity to launch my first chatbot last week! I’m a big fan of Gary and really admire his charismatic persona and hustle, so I wanted to build him a chatbot where others could absorb his knowledge, find upcoming events, and learn more about him. Would love get some feedback - I spent 3 days building this MVeeB πŸ€–! ** I'll be "updating" Gary throughout the day, so be patient with him if he doesn't have all the answers yet πŸ‘πŸ»
@whoismaxpelzner Nice work dude! Emoji's in buttons - a must! There is obviously a lot more you can add here. E.g. the question section. But the MVB is good! Suggesting: Add Daily Vee videos? You can use a Zapier plugin to get the latest video delivered to a part of the bot too, thats always a nice toch
@bentossell already got some of these ideas written down for AskGaryVee2 πŸ˜‰!
Nice job on taking that leap into the bot world and building another product. I too appreciate Gary's work but I'm stumped. I'm really sceptical about the actual benefits of these types of products. Am I alone here in that line of thinking? I get why companies may want to build something like this as a first line of support, but beyond that... why do we need manufactured & organised content in bot-form? Until the day comes that these types of products can feed into one master library of information, I don't see the benefits. I want to be convinced...but seeing standalone bots, instances & even products like Siri be "hard-coded" really frustrates the hell out of me. They're so slow to evolve & need to feed into something bigger I think. Anyone agree? I guess to bring it full circle & back to your product, what are your fave 'conversations' to have with Gary @whoismaxpelzner & @yoroomie?
Thanks for the feedback @david_west! To comment on your question - I read an article a few days ago, and it talked about the adoption of chatbots for public figures. I think in the next few years as people understand chatbots, they will start to play a bigger role in strengthening the brand of these public figures. Imagine you're someone who has a massive following on social media, how do you communicate with your audience in a more personalized way? I believe having a conversational interface is a much more enjoyable experience and that one-to-one connection is huge!
@whoismaxpelzner Fair point & maybe I'll eat my words but I just don't see myself as a user of that type of experience (although I'm sure others do, hence your awesome new product & why Facebook went all in on it). I just find the "noise" too much to handle & I think scale, relevancy & stickiness are huge challenges to overcome with these products in our busy lives today. Something I'd feel much more compelled to use would be something bigger. Start a conversation in a similar vein and get fed answers/tips from multiple influencers, so there's a much larger fountain of knowledge to tap into. Like a humungous conversational search engine, that learns the more developers & users contribute to it. As a user you pick say 10 topics & 10 influencers (or maybe it is automatic using Facebook profile info) & you get fed conversations in a similar style, when content arises that match your interests or conversations (i.e. it remembers those conversations you have had). For example: "here is my new favourite productivity app, I just invested in this business, I have a new recipe, or here is me training on the football field today". Restricted to maybe a few campaigns a month. That's how I would expect Facebook to go with bots, from influencers with big followings, but I don't sense that will ever be the case. It's the same with voice recognition, it needs to be learning & not be restricted to hard-coded intents or instances. The world is crying out for more integrated products I think & I just hope we're not too far away. #rantover
@david_west @whoismaxpelzner I get the skepticism with these types of products... Ive built some myself though. I think that these will work well as long as the person who its about is actually involved. New quizes, content, Q&As etc - Questions to be actually submitted etc. I think there is a lot of cool things you can do with them with the support of the 'celeb' However, without that - and just fan-made, they can be a bit static. I think a lot of these will need to be put out there for people to pay attention in their masses though so I like that people like Max (and I) are just doing it for fun right now! :) I could be wildly wrong though haha
@bentossell @whoismaxpelzner Totally agree Ben - not been through the process myself but I sense these are not that easy to update the content and support. Quiet intensive? Hopefully it will be easier to build the knowledge-base quickly, continue to support & for there to be some control over who can publish & support these. Until then, I guess I'll keep an eye on the bot world until the industry gets shaped to become more in line with what I would like to see.
@david_west @whoismaxpelzner I guess it depends how you build it really. For example, My Q&As could be easily reproduced and new content added. Guess theres content on both sides of the scale!
This is awesome, I bet Gary will share it if he sees it πŸ‘πŸ½
@khallil that's the goal! πŸ˜‰ I even included a post to share in menu πŸ‘πŸ»
@whoismaxpelzner @khallil Fingers crossed he takes you up on your offer & can support it :)
Chiming in on Max's intro, but we are really getting into chatbots over at Thinkbox and this is our latest side project (led by Max). We recently launched a bot for one of our marketplaces to reduce marketplace inefficiencies (improved discoverability, booking, etc) and are also trying to test more on conversation design in different use cases. We are huge fans of Gary, so naturally we wanted to build a bot so you can ask Gary anything, discover his latest videos, and more. This is an unofficial bot, but with Gary hustling and taking over the world, we think this is the next best thing :) Also, let's all try to share on social and see if we can get Gary to add some input here and suggest some potential improvements to the bot! Lastly, we did see that there is another Gary bot posted a while back, but we wanted to make ours a bit different in the conversation flow and help others have better access to Gary's expertise.