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Gabriel Lewis@gabriel__lewis · 🤔
FinallyI can tell people Elon is my mentor. 😜
James Touri@jtouri · Cofounder Meer
@gabriel__lewis Put that on your LinkedIn
Daniel Rubin@danielrubin109 · VP Operations, Urban Place
I would love to introduce Elon Musk Bot to @boredelonmusk!
Aaron TaylorMaker@theaarontaylor · BizDev,
@danielrubin109 @boredelonmusk Haha that would be so cool
Cristi`quad`Glodeanu@quad_bx · Roadwarrior at Crossover.
I'm waiting for the Kanye West version, thanks. :))
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
I genuinely think that there is a big opportunity for bots and users.... people speaking to a bot of a celebrity. I mentioned it here too How long did this take you to build? What did you use to build it?
Aaron TaylorMaker@theaarontaylor · BizDev,
I definitely agree! My first interaction with a "celeb" bot was Hardwell which I thought was really well done. Right now I think bots have to rely a bit too much on buttons to lead the conversation, but I tried to have Elon recognize free text questions as well, so feel free to stray from the buttons a bit. And of course it learns as you challenge it. Elon is a quick learner as we know :D It took me a few hours to map it out and think about how I wanted it to work and then a few minutes to implement it. I used (full disclosure - I work there) which is in closed beta for now.
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
@theaarontaylor awesome! Cant wait to see it launched publicly :)
Matthieu de Luze@matthieudeluze · Co-Founder @ Studiolabs & Social Media
This is pretty cool and funny, congrats on making it 😸 Do it learn automatically or is it static? And if it is, how would you make it auto-learn?
Dotan AsselmannMaker@dotan_asselmann
@matthieudeluze Semi-automatic, we have a semantic parser for all the misunderstood sentences that cluster similar sentences and how many time they asked, then we set them an answer(s) and insert to our "system"
Matthieu de Luze@matthieudeluze · Co-Founder @ Studiolabs & Social Media
@dotan_asselmann thanks for the answer, that's a great process 👍 And otherwise how do you select new answers or "advise" to add? Do you crawl Elon's talks / keynotes / press releases?
Dotan AsselmannMaker@dotan_asselmann
@matthieudeluze Yeah! We crawl on Elon's quotes for most of the content and some of it we made up (He's not really from mars :) ) , but that's not what we focusing at. the "Elon Musk" thing is just an example of what our bot creation platform ( can do. Actually when we release it publicly, everyone would be able to build "Elon Musk"-type bots in a few hours and improve the bot easily over time