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Hello Product Hunt, Pleased to introduce Ask by NoteBear, a huge new feature that enables you to get the answers you need. Simply choose whether you want notes or tutoring, enter a bid amount and you’ll get the help you need. What’s really exciting about this is that we’re taking away the slow process of discovering what you need to find to start learning. If you like reading we go into more detail here: We’d love to answer any questions, so please fire away! 🔥 Want to check out NoteBear’s original debut on Product Hunt? Here ya go:! Not a student but know a student that can benefit from NoteBear? Feel free to share the love: Cheers!
@peteallport very cool! nice demo video
@nivo0o0 thanks Niv! 😺
@peteallport is the maker of really useful software. Congratulations on NoteBear!
Awesome idea. Do u get to see the notes, before you actually pay? Any refund, if notes didn't help?
@sridhar_kondoji Good question! We're very fair to our users especially as we've been a new platform. What's very helpful is that you can preview the first page of a set of notes! Try it by looking at some featured notes.
This is a cool idea! Sometimes it's hard to find exactly what you're looking for when seeking the answer to a question (even googling doesn't always have the answer). This seems like something that will take you past the static published content on the web and give you dynamic answers I'm looking for. Nice work!
Wow, that's a really cool concept. I hope someone uses it here in Germany 😄