Online proofing software for creatives

Ashore is a proofing software for creatives.

Ashore automates the way approvers receive, review and approve digital files. It gives creatives the ability to gain contextual feedback on any file type from their own branded dashboard. A timeline automatically logs every proof update, giving teams full visibility into the status of a project.

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Nice work Serhad - I'll need to add this to my list
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@richp_ This is awesome. Thank you, Rich. Thankful to be included.
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Great Idea)
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@roland_hovsepyan Thank you so much, Roland. Let me know what you think! We do support video proofing.
At Ashore, we're a family of creatives on a mission to create the world's best proofing software. Here are a few of our key features: - Upload and send proofs from major cloud providers such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Box - Give approvers a simple online proofing interface to review and submit feedback on proofs - Automatically track the status of your proofs on the backend, including version history - Automate your approval processes with Workflows and automatic reminders - Ability to respond to approver comments and get contextual feedback on proofs - Approvers do not need to sign up before they can review proofs - Almost-entirely white-labeled email notifications and proofing platform - Integration with Zapier. More integrations to come! Have a question? Feel free to reach out. It's free to sign up on Ashore and get started. We're so thankful to have a small part in improving the lives of creatives around the world!