Ashley Madison Leak Check

Check and see if an email is part of the Ashley Madison hack

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How do we know that the person that created this isn't grabbing all the emails being entered? Just curious.
@kenrossi Exactly what I was thinking..... the ultimate growth hack?
Hmm. This sets off some alarm bells. I don't have strong feelings on it but feel like this is a conversation worth having here. As in, this tool's only purpose is to expose people who were explicitly trying to protect their privacy. Jealous exes, stalkers, religious police are going to have a field day victimizing people. Marriages, sure, but careers, childhoods, and lives could/probably will end. Yes, anyone can grab the 9.7gb, but do we really want to make a sexy frontend to make it easier?
@shloky Agreed - and even more sinister: It may not even have any ties to the leak, the person behind it is just building up a database of people who were worried enough to check.
Now you can check and see if your significant other is in the market for an affair.
@shloky I agreed that maybe we don't want to create a sexy frontend for this. But that's a moral discussion that doesn't necessarily need to apply here. I see it as a security issue first. These people are still people, and from what I understand of the hack, credit card information has also comprised. For whatever reason these people were on the site, I still think it's nice to have a utility to confirm whether or not their personal information may have been comprised.
@gregbarbosa HaveIBeenPwned has a responsible method of helping people with the security issue while mitigating the risk I was talking about and explains it here:
@gregbarbosa If you were a member of the site you should assume your details have been compromised and act accordingly. Are you really going to trust your safety to a random website like this?
@shloky So this is the guy behind that site?
Wow that was fast. This is from the site :( I created this site as I believed that users should have the right to know if their email and data was compromised. Unfortunately I received a takedown notice so I will be shutting down this site, sorry for the inconvenience.