asciimoji ツ

Tap to copy, paste anywhere.

How many times have you googled "shrug emoji" just to copy and paste it from that one article on that one site you can never remember?
Asciimoji ツ is a brutally simple tap-to-copy home of every ascii emoji you could ever want.
🙃 This is my first iOS app Designed w/ Framer, built w/ React Native Got tired of googling ’shrug dude’ so I made a Framer X prototype, which coincided perfectly with the release of the Design + Code React Native for Designers course
Other services like this exist, but I appreciate the simplicity and execution. Thanks for sharing
The first game I ever developed was a text-based adventure that used ascii art. Brings me back...
I'm sold. Love the simplicity and now my Instagram comments will be so fly.
Hahaha I always search the same, thanks for doing this man
@gustavo_lepe Haha, no prob. Love that it's not just me