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ASCII art on your wall ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hi Hunters! First of all, huge thanks to @nikgraf for hunting us <3 Emojis are great but it’s important to remember where it all came from, right? You know back in the days when we only had basic ASCII characters to express ourselves and smileys would consist only of simple colons, brackets or else. Sometimes we would even go one step further and recreate whole images using only characters, so-called ASCII art. So to properly honor the good old days we decided to print a hand-picked selection of text-based ASCII art. Our prints are designed to perfectly fit your office space, living room or else. Of course we got a little gift for our friends and supporters here at Product Hunt. Simply use LAUNCHDAY at the checkout to get a 10% discount on your order. Cheers, Martin & Moritz P.S. We will add more prints over time. For suggestions ping us anytime at or leave a comment with your favorite ASCII art.
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@nivo0o0 this needs to go on your Christmas list:
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These looks great! But $29 seems quite expensive to me, especially as I'd have to buy a frame separately. (disclaimer: I'm British and the £ is worth jack shit against the $ so maybe I'm just being bitter...)
@marsh931 thought about the price as well. 29 looks pretty high, but if you compare it to any other prints out there (think IKEA or other furniture stores) they area really cheap.
@marsh931 @jollife Pricing is always hard especially when you have little to no experience in selling goods and when it comes to sideprojects which you put a lot of effort into :) Our initial thought was to start with a decent, but fair price and offer coupons so a print would eventually cost something around ~$25. However, as we already got a lot of feedback we decided to discard coupons and instead drop our prices straight to $25.
@jollife @marsh931 We hope that by dropping our prices we're able to make this deal for appealing to you guys <3
@crtvhd @jollife I totally understand, $25 seems a bit more reasonable :) It'll depend on the shipping costs to the UK too. A few times I've ordered something for $25 and it costs me >$25 to get it shipped -_- I don't know if you've considered this, and I might be biased because I'm a potential customer, but I'd be inclined to drop the price further and go for volume instead? There are tonnes of pieces of ASCII art so you aren't short on variety (I know it'll take a long time to make each poster though). I think if they were priced at $15, assuming UK shipping wasn't extortionate, I'd be more inclined to buy 2 or 3 of them
Need to order 5 for my new apartment. What will my wife think about it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
😍 we definitely need some in our office