ASAP Connect Magnetic Phone Charger will allow you to connect your phone or USB devices to your cable quickly and seamlessly.

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How is it different from the cheap aliexpress ones?
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@yasiupl Well, its hard to tell the difference, but people are buying this and they are happy with it, otherwise you could have seen the negative reviews on each and every channel where they exist.
This has been sold under a different name from Alibaba with every phone release.. C'mmonn...
Great job!! 😊 does it ship to India and what’s the pricing and stufff ??
@ayush_chandra Yes, they do provide shipping facility, you can check out there official website for more info.
What the world desperately needs! wow
seeing how many times MagSafe has saved my sister's MacBook air, this seems genuinely useful.
@zduboss it is an useful stuff and quite helpful for many reasons.