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Hi Everyone! About 6 months ago myself and a friend Blake decided to quit our jobs and start a fashion brand of our own, now we both love minimalist accessories and therefore decided our products should have a minimalist aesthetic to it. Our first product Idea was to create a minimalist watch, we spent about 6 months designing and building a prototype and we hope to launch a crowd funding campaign soon. While designing the watch we wanted to get something out there into world, (as most people know designing and manufacturing watches is a lengthy process). We both loved collecting different bags and wallets, and therefore decided to introduce our first line of products which include: men's backpacks, duffel bags and wallets, for women we have handbags, satchels, cross-body bags and totes. We are very new to the fashion industry and would love some advice from you guys! Currently we are finding it very difficult in doing target marketing, we have made some sales but not as much as we were expecting, we are struggling to find relevant hashtags/blogs/influencers/finding correct buyers and just marketing in general Any feedback on our products, website design, marketing etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading guys.
I really like the look of the pockets with the buttons on the back. Overall it's quite a stylish bag. I need to buy a new backpack (my current one is 15 years old and it needs to be retired).
@estebanrules Thanks so much for the kind feedback, if you are looking at getting a new backpack that is great value for money then look no further than the Odyssey. However we currently only ship to the US, UK, Canada, NZ and Aus Regards.
Love these. I'll keep this in mind for b-day's / christmas.