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#2 Product of the DaySeptember 29, 2018

Artup is a platform that connects artists around the world with businesses and with each other. Artists can find other talents to collaborate on creative projects.

All artists start as Rookies and must complete a specific checklist to level up to the next level. This helps our businesses and artists find reliable & credible artists.

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Hey Hunters! 👋 We are excited to launch our Artup platform on Product Hunt! We've worked on Artup for 2 years+ conducting research, testing, and product development. We really hope to make an impact on artists growing their careers. Our Android & Web platforms will be launched in the upcoming months, to get updates on the development simply enter your email at and we'll notify you as soon as we launch. We will also invite a batch of users to test the product, so if your tech-savvy subscribe and get access. Our Features include: Feed Basically similar to all social network platforms follow artists you look up too and get inspired daily by their work. Find Talents You can easily find new talents to collaborate with by simply sending a collaboration request with your creative briefs. Looking for a model with blue eyes and pink hair? no problem! Adjust your filters based on your needs. Collaboration If you find someone you'd like to collaborate with on a creative project simply send them a collaboration request. If you are mutually following each other you can directly send messages without requesting a collaboration. Experience We created the experience system to help you find active artists in the community that you can work with. All artists start at the Rookie stage and level up by uploading images, being engaged, and applying to jobs. Portfolio Upload unlimited images to your portfolio and make it easy for others to collaborate with you. At this time only client accounts can post jobs but in the future, we will give you the option to create jobs from an Artist account. If you need any help or have any feedback feel free to email me at Winter is coming! ❄ 😉 Also Thanks to @kwdinc for hunting our Product on short notice we truly appreciate it! 😗 Thank you all

I strongly recommend this app because this will show you opportunities for your talent. It can be your one stop solution for growing yourself online


Passion + Opportunities both are combined here. So choose what you want to


Instagram and linkedIn will miss you