Artstel App 2.0

Connecting creatives worldwide

Artstel is a platform for creatives such as photographers, stylists, makeup artists, models and etc. to collaborate, communicate, and schedule photoshoots. Creatives will be able to create a profile, display their information, and upload photos so other creatives or clients can search for and discover them.

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Are you looking for a Model, Stylist, Photographer, Fashion Stylist, Make Up Artist and etc. for your next project? Well now there is a place for that. Artstel is a curated community of artists from around the world. It’s super easy and totally free. Just type your location, select a specific category and you’re done! Once you found what you’re looking for, you’ll have an ability to view their work and send them a message. - Artstél Version 2 is out today! We made a lot of useful visual improvements like iPhone X optimization. Added features like Notifications, Comments and More. Additional categories include Florists, Creative Directors and Actors.
@ellie_baygulov interesting tool, will definitely check it out!
@ellie_baygulov is there an Android version too?
@sneehaatweets It's iOS only for now but we're looking into android version as well :)
Getting better and better 👌
Beautifully designed Ellie! Admire your approach to curating a high-quality photography and related services community.