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This is a clever idea. I know a creative podcast host who'd probably want to record an episode with the founders. I'd be happy to make an introduction.
@paul_s_kemp Hi there! Would love the chance to connect for a podcast. Send me a quick note ( and let's get some movement on this :)
It looks really interesting. Only US though :( It would be awesome if they could create not only Artsquare for art digitization, but also a database (or online-shop) of artists' works.
@alexstrvinsky We're working on the database part! We don't want to sell art, but we want a central repository artists can access their files from that plays nicely with online sales platforms. Imagine if you can create or update their entire portfolio on Ziibra, Vango, Saatchi, or Society6 with the click of a button! I bet a lot more artists would participate and keep their portfolios up to date. That's the world we imagine, and the one we're working to build.
@thomasle0n That is a nice decision, Thomas! By the way, how did you come up with an idea of Artsquare? It would be great if you could share your experience with a community :)
@alexstrvinsky back in college I helped artists find gallery representation, sell prints, get their artwork online, etc. But I noticed that virtually none of the artists I worked with had the art files that they needed, so I learned art digitization and started serving artists in my community. I realized this was a systemic problem that kept artists stuck, so I decided to build a solution.
@thomasle0n Thank you, Thomas, for sharing your story! Truly inspiring :)
Hi fellow Product Hunters! I'm one of the founders of ArtSquare. Happy to answer any questions :) We made ArtSquare because it needs to exist. The online art world is exploding (doubling by 2018) but artists are stranded because they don't have the image files that they need! Art digitization is expensive (sometimes $150/artwork), image files are a nightmare to organize (store, resize/reformat), and artists are spending hours uploading their artwork to dozens of platforms-- all without the promise of any results. We're solving these problems by connecting artists to vetted photographers, automatically updating their portfolio with the new files and making those files easily downloadable in the sizes and formats they need. There's a lot of work to be done in the space, but it's really exciting to work on :)
@thomasle0n this looks amazing and much needed. Is there a way to view fellow artists and browse the thousands of artworks on the site?
@whoisadi Not currently. What's most valuable to us right now is making sure artists have the best way to securely store their art files that they already have or that have been digitized by our network-- this is something that's been a massively overlooked in our industry so it's important that we get this right. Eventually we may build something that makes these files publicly viewable, but the public portfolio space is already really crowded and not something we are explicitly interested in.
It is the panacea to all of society's ills - totally objective reviewer.
@elizabethhunker Nice testimonial.
I was looking for something like this to recommend to an artist friend and I just stumbled upon ArtSquare by accident. Gotta love synchronicity.
@v4violetta thanks for sharing this!! Not a day ago I literally was looking for something that works just like this. :) love it!
@v4violetta who's the creator? Would love to pick there brain on a few things they've done!
@tycrollins Good question! I'll try to hunt them down.
@tycrollins @v4violetta Thanks Tyler! Let me know if you've got any questions, or we can help you find anything specific.
Thanks for hunting us, @v4violetta. Get your friend in touch with us, and we'll set them up with a session and a promo code!