The easiest way to go on exhibit.

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Thanks for posting Steve! We started ArtSpot because artists don't need another online gallery -- they need marketing and distribution. Right now we're focused on NYC, but next month we're rolling out pilots in DC and San Francisco. If you happen to sign up and aren't located in NYC you may have a less than awesome experience, but that will change soon. Here to answer any questions you guys might have about the vision and what we've been up to since launching this February. -Ryan
@ryanckulp Awesome idea! When is SF coming?
@jmj thanks Jeff! Hoping for end of June. What area do you prefer, Mission or SoMa, or elsewhere?
@jmj @ryanckulp Have you also considered Oakland?
@chubert 100%. have any specific venues in mind?
@ryanckulp Both sound like great options! I am asking more for my girlfriend who is an amazing artist but doesn't have the time to seek out shows/galleries to display her work. This would be great for her.
In an effort to champion transparency, here are some stats:
@ryanckulp Nice metrics! What are the guidelines to be considered a "venue"? Could it be someone's house or does it have to be an established gallery?
@stvmcg Thanks for asking. Right now a venue is considered a 24/7 public exhibition space. An effective entry point for us has been working with cafes and bars. Last weekend, however, we hosted our own 4-day popup show and we have more opportunities in the near future to occupy spaces more closely tied to the arts (galleries, etc).
@ryanckulp Love that you are sharing these stats!
Great way for artist to get their work in local venues.
Its awesome. Artists and Venues are going to love this!
This is great Ryan!
@tarareed_ thanks Tara! Big fan of your newsletter, have been a sub for awhile now. :)