Birchbox for unique, high-quality art supplies

ArtSnacks is a curated box of unique, high-quality art supplies delivered to your door every month.

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Here's a link about how ArtSnacks was born: I'd be happy to take any questions about our service! Thanks to @roryreiff for the hunt!
@leerubenstein hey there! Would love to chat how we may be able to work together on some artist promos. Really love the idea behind art snacks and think our users would be interested in something like this.
Been receiving Art Snacks now for a few months. Really diggin' the service! Hopefully we can get @LeeRubenstein on here to chat about the service and future plans.
This would be a neat employee perk for creative organizations. Just pick up a subscription and stick what you get every month in a shared stash in your break room for people to play with...
@jelenawoehr thanks for the kind words! Great idea with the employee perk option. We really haven't marketed to corps or businesses.
Way cool, subscribed!
@kennethn thanks so much!